Create the Best Case Timeline for Your Trial

Trial is coming up.   Your case file contains hundreds of pages of documents and thousand of facts.   It is an overwhelming amount of information to organize and present. A case timeline is the perfect vehicle to organize this information. But, where do you start? TrialLine knows that your case timeline does not start with the design. Your case timeline starts with the facts.

If your case timeline is going to help you present your case to a jury, then you better get used to writing your facts like you post to Twitter: with as few characters as possible.

Here are some bullet points to keep in mind as you create your case timeline:

  • Your facts are your headlines.
  • They need to be short and sweet.
  • The reader MUST be able to understand them without help from you.
  • Twitter allows for 140 characters.
  • Twitter believes character constraints inspire creativity.
  • Google allows for 60 characters.
  • Google believes 60 characters are readable and clean.
  • Constraints are great for trial.
  • Too much info makes it harder to decide.
  • This blog was written with constraints.
  • You read the whole thing.
  • Consider TrialLine.


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