15 Legal Tech Companies to Watch in 2019

From the 1960s, when the idea for a fault resistant, computer-based method of communication was first born, all the way to today, a time where we take for granted that most everyone is walking around with a pocket-sized super computer, the digital revolution has taken all of us on an exciting and unpredictable ride, forever changing the course of human evolution.

The pace of this innovation often feels exponential, probably because it literally is. Not only does the capability of computer chip technology regularly double, but so do other technologies not directly dependent upon transistor counts. Technology is an evolutionary process, and it speeds up exponentially.

Three of the most exciting innovations in this revolution are blockchain, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Blockchain has highlighted a crucial aspect of the way data will work in the coming years—you can expect a world where data will be increasingly distributed, and increasingly more transparent and secure.

The cloud is pretty much impossible to avoid these days in at least one way or another. The convenience and processing possibilities inherent in cloud computing means it will only become more and more common.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, most experts believe AI will improve the lives of the majority of people within the next decade, in new and exciting ways. Who knows whether or not it will all end with a giant matrix of human batteries used to fuel the mechanical monstrosities of the future. 

Technology has, and will continue, to alter all aspects of our modern lives. And one of the most important areas this has happened in, is the legal industry. Technology has touched all aspects of the law, from the ways law firms market to potential clients, to the everyday procedural aspects of running a law firm, to the very ways attorneys present their cases to judges and juries. And creating this new tech are the driven and inspired companies of all shapes and sizes, that make up the legal tech industry.

Legal tech is a growing industry, and one that promises to keep growing. The increase in funding for legal tech companies, along with increased public awareness, and multiple recent mergers and acquisitions of legal tech companies, suggest we’re just at the start of the upswing.  In that vein, here are 15 legal tech companies to watch in 2019:

  1. Lawble is a legal triage which assesses the needs of clients, routing them efficiently to the best resources.
  2. DataNovo uses AI solutions to help patent owners secure licensing opportunities and obtain stronger patents.
  3. dealWIP is a cloud-based software application designed to increase transparency and decrease time spent on project management tasks.
  4. DocStyle LLC expedites document drafting by turning PDF files into properly formatted Word documents.
  5. Connective Counsel focuses on client needs, eliminating friction between law firms and clients.
  6. WarRoom helps attorneys be better prepared when trial time rolls around; highlighting and tagging deposition testimony is just one of the tasks WarRoom assists with.
  7. JurisBytes encourages communication and client care through a simplified text messaging platform.
  8. OurChildInfo.com allows parents to communicate after separation or divorce with no ability to alter, manipulate, backdate or delete posts, effectively memorializing the record.
  9. TrialLine is a cloud-based mediation, trial presentation and storytelling legal timeline tool for attorneys, providing maximum insight into cases. 
  10. Kinnami Software Corporation is a cloud software company that safeguards data by enhancing data verification and auditability.
  11. Fixi Subscription Plans assists lawyers and law firms by offering subscription-based legal services to clients.
  12. WyzeWaze helps lawyers streamline data from contract to closing.
  13. HelpSelf Legal uses an artificial intelligence-assisted platform to improve workflow.
  14. Dtour.life streamlines divorce case data, providing secure digital collaboration that makes the divorce process less stressful for those involved.
  15. EffortlessLegal brings artificial intelligence learning to the legal world eliminating time-consuming, repetitive processes.

In the legal realm in particular, it is expected that artificial intelligence will assist lawyers in significant and meaningful ways, including electronic discovery, advanced automation regarding billable hours and the ability to access more information in a more efficient and less expensive manner. Whatever advancements the next decades holds, they will be headed our way very quickly.

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