Coastal communities find a natural haven in mangroves | Stories

“We need this whole ecosystem to support our business,” says Pedro Alfonso López González, president of a fishing and oyster farming cooperative in Boca de Camichín, a small town on Mexico’s west coast. It’s a refrain heard often along the country’s coastline as communities rely on healthy mangrove forest ecosystems that help sustain abundant sea life and clean, reliable fresh water for their income and everyday needs.

In his role at the cooperative, Alfonso works with oyster farmers as they navigate personal, business, and ecological challenges. Together, they collaborate to develop resilient business models, and advocate for a healthy mangrove environment that sustains them all.

Below are just some of the dedicated people WWF is working with or are key stakeholders to protect and restore mangroves on the Yucatan Peninsula and the Pacific coast in Nayarit.



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