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In 2021, GiveWell directed the largest amount of money in our history, over $500 million, which we believe will be beneficial or life saving to many people in need. We thank our donors for continuing to trust us to find and recommend some of the most highly cost-effective giving opportunities in the world.

Note that this year, we’ve also updated our metrics report to more clearly communicate about our work. Previously, we reported on our “money moved,” a metric that tried to provide a composite picture of both the funds we raised and directed in a given year. However, starting with our 2021 report, we’ll be reporting on these metrics separately as “funds raised” and “funds directed,” which we believe will be simpler and clearer.

The following tables summarize our funds raised and funds directed in 2021:

Table summarizing 2021 funds raised by category

This represents a significant increase in the funds we raise on a yearly basis, from only $11 million in 2012 to $595 million in 2021.

Chart of funds raised by year

You’ll note that our funds directed in 2021 is about $66 million lower than our funds raised. The funds we raised that were not directed include:

  • “Contingency funds” committed to charities under particular grant agreements but only paid out under certain conditions of the grant. (If those conditions are not met, we reallocate the funding to other opportunities.)
  • “Rollover funds” saved for grantmaking in future years.
  • Maximum Impact Fund donations raised in a given metrics year but allocated in the following year (these appear as funds directed in the following year).
  • Unrestricted funds raised in a given metrics year but not spent on operations or granted out to charities in that year (these appear as funds directed in the year they are allocated).

For more information, please see our full report.



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