A new vision for our oceans | Stories

We are united around four common beliefs: when oceans thrive, the planet regains its natural strength and flourishes; when oceans thrive, coastal communities are achieving their food and livelihood security; when oceans thrive, societies are prosperous, with nature-based solutions protecting billions of dollars in physical societal infrastructure; and when oceans thrive, the world is more peaceful.

With this background, our vision came naturally to us: healthy oceans that benefit the planet, people, prosperity, and peace.

We are making three big bets. First, we are going to deliver nature-positive seascapes with partners in key places around the world. Where and how we work will be guided by science and data, and we will seek to fundamentally integrate the world’s conservation tools in the places where we work. Second, we are elevating our efforts on oceans markets and finance, expanding our world-class portfolio from the seafood sector also to include marine renewables, coastal development, and shipping sectors. Third and finally, we are launching a new program called Oceans Futures that will focus on ocean conservation opportunities at the intersection of ocean health and ocean security.

We are engaging with local and global partners to achieve bold impact, including halting declines, recovering and growing ecosystems and marine resources in the places where we work; delivering food and livelihood security for 100 million people; protecting billions in economic infrastructure and societal stability through nature-based solutions; and reducing conflict and crime via effective marine natural resource management.



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