Insurance the garlic to risks associated with luxury treatment

Extracting and smearing blood on a client’s face. What could go wrong?

Toronto-based CHES Special Risk Inc. on Tuesday issued a timely press release, stating that “in the spirit of Halloween, it’s the right time to talk about providing the right E&O insurance to the ‘Vampire Facial’ providers.”

Apparently, it’s a thing, as the insurance broker goes on to explain: “Recently, you must have seen celebrities on Instagram with faces slathered in blood, don’t mistake that for Halloween makeup as it is a skin care treatment popularly known as ‘vampire facial’ or platelet-rich therapy. 

“The procedure combines micro-needling Platelet-Rich Plasma extracted from the patient’s blood and spreading all over their face to rejuvenate their complexion.

“As terrifying as this may sound, the consequences of any mishap during this delicate treatment can be devastating for beauty professionals, resulting in unexpected financial losses, tarnishing the reputation, and even closure,” CHES explains, adding that the procedure calls for a comprehensive insurance policy.






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