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Late tweaks made as code of practice set to take effect

27 October 2022

The National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) has made some refinements to the new code of practice and a guidance document ahead of next Tuesday’s starting date to assist with practical implementation.

Changes include aligning the complaint definition with an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulatory guide and a revised wording on what the code applies to.

An alteration also shows Section 6.1 on disclosing remuneration will start from November next year, reflecting a previous decision to allow more time for implementation and any changes required due to the Quality of Advice review and ongoing member consultations.

Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee (IBCCC) Chairman Oscar Shub says the committee will be putting out “tip of the month” guidance to highlight some key areas that brokers should be aware of in the revamped code. The document replaces the previous 2014 version.

Mr Shub says NIBA has undertaken a proactive introduction of the code, the document has been discussed with brokers at industry events and through training sessions and the IBCCC will be looking out for any matters that come to its attention where any messaging is required.

“We will be working very proactively with NIBA in ensuring that it is a very smooth transition and that brokers know what they have do, are doing what they have to do and the community is getting the services they require,” he told

NIBA has said the code is a “living document” and its implementation guide will be updated to reflect any changes to the code, community expectations or industry best practice.

“Through the feedback process we continue to gain insights into areas where brokers require more clarity, as such we will continue to add to the Implementation Guide,” NIBA says.



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