Pot strength a real downer, lawsuit alleges

Two disgruntled customers have rolled into a lawsuit their complaints about a marijuana company’s alleged false advertising over the strength of the THC content in their joints.

Jasper Centeno of Long Beach, California, and Blake Wilson of Fresno, California, say in their lawsuit, filed Oct. 20, that DreamFields Brands Inc. promised products with high amounts of THC, the compound in marijuana that makes users feel high, according to CNN.

The prerolled “Jeeter” branded joints, however, were tested and found to have less THC.

“Because cannabis consumers generally prefer and are willing to pay more for high-THC cannabis products, declaring that their products have a very high THC content allows Defendants to charge premium rates for their cannabis products,” the lawsuit, accessed by CNN, states.

DreamFields is “systematically overstating the THC content to deceive consumers into thinking that the effects of their prerolls are more potent than they truly are,” the lawsuit states.





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