No clothes to see here

Adult film star Gigi Dior said no one is going to confuse her with the high-end Parisian fashion brand Christian Dior Couture, as what she does “usually involves wearing no clothes at all.”

Ms. Dior, whose trademark of her stage name was approved in September, is now grappling with Christian Dior’s appeal of the trademark application, arguing that it has “priority” over the name and that there’s “likelihood of confusion, dilution by blurring and dilution by tarnishment,” according to Page Six.

In an interview with Page Six, she called the move “ridiculous” and that her “name has nothing to do with couture.” She uses the name on her personal website, her OnlyFans account, her webcam work and all social media accounts.

“I trademarked my stage name for entertainment and modeling purposes, I had to show proof of what I was using the name for, so I used appearances at exotica, and a website for confirmation … My request was granted,” she said.







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