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Tech expert Kofax says its solutions are being rapidly adopted in the Asia Pacific region to transform processes and drive efficiency.

California-based Kofax, founded in 1985, says its intelligent automation solutions transform content-intensive workflows. Its specialties include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

UK insurer Aviva has integrated Kofax TotalAgility within its casualty claims fraud processes, leading to higher detection rates and better protection.

Singapore-based GM Solutions and Sales Asia Pacific Matthew Thomson, who took the role last month, says longtail claims need greater IA adoption as it’s a lengthy process with a large paper trail.

“Digital transformation in the insurance and financial sectors can generate efficiencies, reduce errors and create faster turnarounds … while helping businesses and people to make better and more informed decisions,” he said.

“It improves the swiftness of each task while ensuring that it is safe, secure and trusted – especially with protecting your data and money.

“We are seeing a rapid adoption of Kofax’s Cloud solutions across the region.”

Aviva uncovered 12,000 instances of insurance claims fraud in a year and the insurer’s UK-based Automation Customer and Engagement Lead Dave Warnes says Kofax is now a key partner after success in its casualty claims for the processing of inbound bodily injury claims.

Kofax is helping Aviva with inbound post and email, and fraud OCR, and a number of other use cases, with Kofax TotalAgility integrated within its fraud processes.

“We are looking at using automation and technologies across Aviva to understand the power of the data,” Mr Warnes said. “By driving the automated process, it helps us to really hone in and target suspected cases.”

Engineer reports previously had to be manually retrieved by Aviva’s fraud analysis experts and “picked through”. Now, the files are uploaded and Kofax TotalAgility retrieves the imagery, and breaks the documents down into text, which is sent to frontline teams with appropriate indicators for them to start working on.

Aviva plans to use OCR and Natural Language Processing (NLP) more and more, to “free frontline colleagues from laborious and repetitive tasks around analysis,” and spend more time working directly with customers, he says.

“Kofax will be a key partner in that journey and automation.”



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