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INsight podcast: building on floodplains and flash flooding fears

16 November 2022

Developments on floodplains and the problems being stored up for the future are the main focus of the latest Insurance News podcast.

As previously reported, industry commentators are concerned that projects on floodplains are still getting approved – even after a record-breaking year of flood catastrophes.

NSW and Queensland governments have announced multi-million-dollar build-back and buy-back schemes to help those worst affected, so it seems to make little sense to continue putting people in harm’s way.

This week’s edition of INsight, hosted by Insurance News MD Andrew Silcox, features the observations of Chairman Terry McMullan, Managing Editor John Deex and Deputy Editor Wendy Pugh.

The panel also discusses research that points to increasing severity of flash flooding, the Insurance Council of New Zealand conference, and the settlement of insurance class actions against banks.

You can find previous episodes of INsight published here.



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