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Dawes celebrates 35th anniversary  

15 December 2022

Steadfast-backed agency Dawes Motor Insurance has reaffirmed its commitment to brokers as it marks its 35th anniversary.  

Founded in 1987, Dawes specialises in prestige motor vehicle underwriting, becoming one of the market’s major insurers as the demand for such vehicles continues to grow.  

The agency, which partnered with insurer Allianz in May 2017, credits its growth to its team’s “commitment to innovation and ensuring their broking clients are provided with accurate rates and pricing”.   

Steadfast Underwriting Agencies Chief Underwriting Officer David McMurdo hailed the “incredible milestone,” saying that the agency’s long-standing “vision, hard work, and dedication” coupled with its ability to adapt to new technologies are critical measures to its success.  

“The team is immensely proud to reflect on where we started, what we’ve achieved and our plans for the future,” Mr McMurdo said.  

“We’re always looking at ways to strengthen our overall offering by increasing our market visibility and undertaking regular broker survey reviews to help us understand the needs of our broker partners so we deliver in a way that is most convenient to them and their clients.”  

Mr McMurdo says “the most important part of our history has yet to be written,” and that the insurer will continue to maintain values of commitment and excellence “for another 35 years of serving brokers and their clients”. 



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