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Extreme weather conditions remain a high risk as summer gets underway, with the eastern states likely to experience flood, tropical cyclones and even grassfire outbreaks, IAG-owned NRMA Insurance says in a report today.

For the southwest regions hot and dry conditions are likely to persist in the coming weeks at least until the start of autumn, according to the Wild Weather Tracker report.

“Although La Nina is expected to ease into the new year to shift away from the very wet conditions, the risk of flooding persists as soil saturation and catchment levels remain high in Victoria, NSW and SA,” the report says.

“Consequently, modest rainfall in areas that have already experienced flooding in the prior months could lead to further flooding.”

In WA there will be occasional thunderstorm outbreaks as well as an elevated bushfire risk and there is also the potential for increased tropical cyclone activity across the northern parts of the country due to warmer than average ocean temperatures.

“WA can expect high temperatures and an increased risk of bushfires this summer, while northern parts of the state are also at risk of cyclones,” NRMA Insurance EGM Direct Claims Luke Gallagher said.

The report says unusually heavy rainfalls, intense storms and hail during spring have been damaging for property owners especially in NSW.

NRMA Insurance received 7974 claims for wild weather home damage, with NSW accounting for the majority, at more than 4800, as the state was inundated again after the record February/March flood catastrophe.

“Storm, flood and hail events struck NSW this spring. The Central West was hit particularly hard by the devastating flood crisis in mid-November,” the report says.

Nearly half, or 49%, of the home claims in the September-November period were caused by wild weather.

“Severe weather during spring had a disastrous impact on many communities across the country with intense storms, damaging winds, hail and floods experienced in the one season,” the report says.

NRMA says Australians remain unprepared despite expressing concerns about the potential impact on their homes this summer.

More than half of Australians surveyed expect to be travelling or away from home, yet only 47% intend to take steps to ensure their property is properly secured during their absence.

“It’s important to take practical steps to prepare. This includes tidying up and clearing debris around your home, monitoring weather conditions and packing an emergency kit (including a first aid kit) before you head away,” the report says.

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