SEC awards $28M to two whistleblowers, $101M since October

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced its second double-digit, multimillion-dollar whistleblower award within the past week on Tuesday, stating it is awarding more than $28 million to joint whistleblowers who provided critical information and assistance in an SEC enforcement action.

The agency said the joint whistleblowers’ detailed information prompted the opening of the SEC staff’s investigation and significantly contributed to the action’s success. There were two whistleblowers, according to the SEC order.

The SEC said in its statement that they provided substantial analysis and ongoing assistance that resulted in the return of millions of dollars to harmed investors.

The SEC said last week it was awarding three whistleblowers a combined $18 million for information and assistance that led to a successful enforcement action.

With its latest announcement, the SEC has awarded more than $101 million since October. 





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